Sports History of Jharkhand

Since British India, this geographical area now Jharkhand has been a healthy soil bastion for sporting activities, it has produced a stream of sports persons who have dazzled world wide by their exemplary feats on and off the ground.

Right from legendry Jharkhand hockey stick magician Jaipal Singh Munda, Captain of gold winning Indian Hockey Team, Amsterdam (Holland).

Olympic in 1928. The state has been emerging as a shining star time and again on the sporting highway and various miles stones were and are being created by this fraternity.

Hockey and archery of Jharkhand has glorified its name around the world.

Jaipal Singh Munda (Hockey) (1903-1970) A distinguished parliamentarian, a sportsman of international repute, an educationist, a politician with great vision and courage, a powerful orator with mastery over multiple national and foreign languages, Jaipal Singh Munda was a multi-faceted personality and a powerful son of Jharkhand. A student of St John’s College, Oxford, Jaipal graduated in 1926 with Honours in Economics.

The captain of the first Indian National Hockey Team for the Olympic Hockey Tournament in Amsterdam in 1928, where India wan the gold. he led his team successfully through all the matches.

To name a few torchbearer and very significant players and coaches from this soil, through deprived in the past with name of few resources include:

Mr. Sylvanus Dungdung (Hockey Olympian)
Mr. Mahohar Topno (Hockey)
Mr. Sanjeev Singh (Arjun & Dronacharya Awardee – Archery)
Ms. Reena Kumari (Archery)
Mr. Mangal Singh Champiya (Archery)
Mr. Anthrans Lakra (Boxing)
Mr. Harbhajan Singh (Handball)
Mr. Shivanath Singh (Athletics)
Ms. Sarojini Lakra (Athletics)
Mr. Joydeep Sarkar (Vollyball)
Ms. Savitri Putty (Hockey)
Late Peter Thangraj (Football)
Late Gyan Prakash Lakra (Athletics)
Miss Bacchendri pal (“Padmashree” – Mountaineering)
Mr. Charless Borromeo (“Padmashree” – Athletics)
Mr. Birju Saha (Boxing)
Mr. Rajkumar Sawang (Archery)
Mr. Jayant Talukdar (Archery)
Mr. Amar Singh (Cycling)
Mr. Palton Hansda (Archery)
Ms. Arjun Mishra (Boxing)

Recent shining galaxy has torchbearer Deepika Kumari leading the march in Archery. Ashunta Lakra had made its state proud by becoming the Captain of Indian Women’s Hockey team and Sumrai Tete the coach of Indian Women’s Hockey team.

Cricketing Star Dr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Padmashree) has carved a prominent name in the realm of world cricket has made India proud .